UDDER TEAT AND UDDER CREAM 500 ml tester pot

USD $40.00



This tester pot is 500 mls and we are confident you will be back to purchase our 5 litre or 2 litre Jerry can size. This size is the small pot in the photo.


✅ Softens/soothes udders

✅ Soothes inflammation quickly

✅ Massage in to ease mastitis

✅ Heals teats fast

✅ Antifungal qualities help with hoof issues

✅ Maintain high udder health

Sturdy food grade containers with pumps.


“We were lucky to be given the opportunity to try Udder Super Goo

And the results have been outstanding with winter wet weather teat cracking has a huge problem so we’ve tried most teat creams and Udder Super Goo has worked out the most effective way of repair and keeping the teats in top notch condition   

So thanks to udder super goo our cows are happy!”

Ross Upton

“We are dairy farmers owning 430 cows, we calve around 80 to 85 heifers per season. Training heifers in the cowshed to have cups put on can be very testing at times as obviously these girls have never had cups on, they have just calved down and udders are tender and sore which can result in them kicking out and not letting their milk down.

This season we decided for any Heifers not comfortable or having swollen tight and sore udders and refraining from dropping their milk we would use Udder Super Goo … this changed the training of heifers immensely.  We applied the goo to the back of their udders above the teats rubbing it in slightly and leaving it on for around 5 minutes before attempting to cup them which resulted in a lot calmer and happy girl for you to place cups on and have noticed a huge change in how they would let their milk down naturally and relieve them from being so swollen and tight. We used a lot less Oxytocin this season than we have in the past which is what you would normally administer which comes at a pricey cost.  I would highly recommend farmers try this and see for themselves how much happier these wee girls are. We will definitely be keeping Equine Goo on hand as part of our calving system from now on… Happy Cow = Happy Farmer!! “

Zane and Millie Sloss

2redz Partnership

“I have used the original on my cows udders for chaffing. Helps them so much and the heifers are easier to deal with as they not sore. Some got to the point once cups were on they would lift their leg up and away from udder as they knew I would put the cream on next and enjoyed it .” Teresa Hellier

“My father used the Udder Goo and it works amazingly well on cracked teats. After 4 milkings worth of application, they are good to go. He loves it and always rubs the residue into his hands and said it’s the best hand cream too.” C Ellis

“Highly recommend udder goo. The cuts have stopped bleeding during milking. It’s a fantastic product and works fast. It’s easy to apply and heals teats quickly, often in just a couple of days. And been putting a couple of squirts into 20l of warm water during milking to wash arms. It makes a great cleanser too, leaves arms soft and smelling like goo instead of poo ” W Shaw

A New Zealand made natural product that helps with teat and udder problems.

Massage it in if mastitis has occurred.

This cream also eliminates ring worm, plus heals cuts and helps with hoof problems.