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This 2 litre jerry can comes with a pump and is very handy with an expiry of 1 year. The Original Topical Goo is made up of a formula of aqueous cream, emu oil and 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and aloe vera and is proving to be extremely popular as the only thing you need in your first aid kit. With its’ superior antifungal and antibacterial qualities Super Goo is brilliant for all wounds, rashes and mud fever and rain scald.

The Super Goo and it is Amaaaaazing! I can’t believe how fast it works!” S Rankin

Poor Dusty rolled under a fence and cut his leg badly…He had stitches and was started with Manuka
honey which went hard on his leg but the Super Goo has been much more effective and absorbed in.
I can rub the goo straight on it and it doesn’t agitate my horse at all! Couldn’t rave about it enough
😍 Thanks 🙂 I’ve been talking to my vet about how great the stuff is as well! A Mary

“Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the Super Goo healing cream. She was beside
herself scratching and had terrible rashes under her belly, around her flank, hindquarters and ears.
Medicated washes and all sorts of other treatments were not helping at all. the relief was pretty
well instant. …..
…it has all settled down and virtually disappeared. It didn’t seem to wash off in the rain either.
Needless to say I will be buying more both for house and stable medical kits . 😊 “Cheers Lyn Grand

Not available through this website in Australia as it is currently pending registration with AVPMA.