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Canine Super Goo

Made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils plus coconut, emu oil

 “I ordered a tub of your Super Goo for my geriatric teenage dog and omg…it’s bloody amazing!!! He has hair loss, irritated areas on his belly and groin plus an infection on his nose that just was refusing to heal. A week using this fantastic product and the change is incredible!! He is no longer a sad sack and is getting his bounce back. The infection on his nose has an amazing amount of skin regeneration and is finally starting to heal. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such an awesome product. Its been an absolute life changer for my old boy “ Marion Wilson

“It’s an amazing product and one that every dog owner should have. I have had amazing results, and made in New Zealand” A Harnd

“I use it on my dogs and am rather impressed with the results. Saves a visit and hefty bill to the vets.” K Hall

“hi omg this stuff is amazing, I got the super goo and my dog has really bad itches but within 2 days she is not scratching as much and it’s healing” D Horton

Angel Matagi, “Best ever product. I use it for my dogs skin allergies works a treat in 2 days, as well as my horse”

Sherryn Huon, “I have not got photos but have used it on my jack Russell who suffers from rashes on her belly and paws worked great stopped the itching”.

“Many thanks Jacqui Carter. Animals and myself live by this product, I have really bad psoriasis and it’s a God send, plus the horses, cattle, chickens, cat and dog benefit as well. Love it 😀”

“My dog has a rare form of skin cancer which will eventually take him but your goo has helped soothe the sores that break out and has eased the very dry skin better than the vets ointment.” J Howell

“Just letting people know that I used the Canine Super Goo on my old dog who had a major skin irritation/hair loss. It was awesome! Within 2 days the fur was growing back, and I had tried many other products that didn’t work. He is now completely over his problem which was there for a few months. “ Marzi

I have used it on my blue heeler for welts/scabbing under her belly and between rear legs. Also for a very swollen and infected dew claw. It worked wonders over a week and stopped the itching/her wanting to constantly lick and inflame it. I knew it would – as I saw it heal an itchy type scab/puncture wound on a horse” Sunspot

“We used it on our puppy who had a sore under her cast on her leg. When we took her back to the vet 5 days later they were amazed the whole thing had healed up” J Johnston

“I used the Canine Super Goo on my rescue Beagle that came out of the VARC labs. We tried going down the vet cream path and that aggravated his skin soo much he was raw from scratching and biting himself. He was uncomfortable from the inside out. …..treated him with Super Goo on his skin all over and massaged it in. He immediately was relaxed and looking more content…..It is far cheaper than any cream he got prescribed from the vets. He now relaxes in his favourite spot without scratching or biting himself….” K Mcghie “I also use it on my older Rottweiler who gets extremely itchy around her tail stump.  Worked wonders for her.” T Fine

“Awesome product, one much happier pooch! Thank you” Tina

not available in Australia