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The Original Topical Ointment is the main thing to have in your first aid kit or tack box. It helps with all wounds, rashes, grazes, fungal issues and is an effective hoof cream too.





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4 reviews for a) THE ORIGINAL TOPICAL CREAM – 500 mls

  1. A Davenport

    “You’ll have to excuse my language but f#$@n hell I’m impressed with your product Equine Super Goo. I had a lame horse with heat in legs from mud fever. I’ve used your product for three days and he’s not lame & healing well. he is actually letting me put it on his legs with minimal fuss (this horse will kick & bite when in pain).”A Davenport

  2. Sophie Cartmer

    “Supergoo saved me from having to pull out of a once in a lifetime adventure! Unreal to have worked so well whilst still being ridden. Super impressed. “Sophie Cartmer

  3. P Roberts

    “The most amazing healing cream you will ever use. 😉😉😉” P Roberts

  4. Alison McDermott

    Super goo is the best thing for healing cuts and rain scald. I have it on hand for any injuries. Iv had 2 very nasty leg injuries over the last 2 years that iv only used super goo has healed them very well !So easy to uses highly recommended.”” Alison McDermott, Lyndhurst NSW Australia

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