What does it mean to be environmentally aware?

Being environmentally aware means understanding how our behaviour impacts the environment and committing to making changes to our activities to protect the planet. Every motion throughout our production is carefully considered with our staff input to minimise waste and our impact on our rural landscape.

Environmental ethics helps to build better relationships with nature, recognizing its intrinsic value, not just its instrumental value. It encourages us to think beyond our immediate needs and consider the long-term implications of our actions. Equine Super Goo’s Environmental Ethos is dedicated to the enhancement  of sustainable development on behalf of our customers. All of our packaging is recycled from another company to us and our stockists then reuse it again.   We also are very pleased when customers send back empty containers to be washed and reused again.  Our labels are paper which means they don’t look that pretty after awhile, but it better than vinyl labels.

We are committed to trying our best to improve our negative impact on the environment.

  • All of our containers are recyclable
  • No toxic chemicals, no synthetic fragrances and we use recycled packaging
  • Our products are for people who love animals and want to give them the best natural care possible
  • Safe for your all animals
  • We recycle our water for washing
  • All of our products have been tested on humans (us) our Original Topical Goo is even being used on nappy rash on babies

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