Dec 2022
Christmas is coming up quickly and we have added sample pots for a gift idea. Please contact us if you wish to get a pump or something else added.

We will be launching a human range by the end of next week!! We are super excited about and would love people to tell us what they want too.

Our first product was Equine Super Goo Original Topical which came out in 2019. It was designed to combat Mud Fever/Greasy Heel on our tb, Kerry O’Reilly (he ran in the 2006 Melbourne Cup).

After struggling to find anything on the market that worked our Topical ointment nailed it. After that we started using it for everything, yes everything and it is amazingly versatile. So throw out your creams and powders, this is the ONLY thing you need in your tack box or first aid kit. It sounds like a lofty statement but having just returned from having a stall at Equifest we have had it reiterated again how much people love our products.