Time just goes so fast as now we are April 2023.
February was a testing time for the Hawkes Bay community with Cyclone Gabrielle wiping them out. We all shed tears for them. We helped out by sending $500 worth of our Topical Cream down plus we raised $1200.

We are fast becoming the most popular supplier of topical products for horse owners in New Zealand.
We are looking for stockists so please share this with owners of saddlery shops, feed stores or vets.❇️ with 7,200 followers on our Facebook page it proves our popularity 😉 plus it’s stocked by over 40 veterinary clinics.

⭐️🌏This successful product range will guarantee to benefit your business. We have had our natural products since 2017 and they are sold across the world being used by vets, pony clubbers and Olympic riders⛑🌏⭐️

✳️7 natural products available ✳️ for details.
🌀Equine Super Goo Topical Cream
🌀Equine Super Goo Extra Strength Insect Repellent
🌀Equine Super Goo Sunblock Crea,
🌀Equine Super Goo Massage and Joint
🌀Udder Super Goo
🌀Canine Super Goo
🌀New Zealand Glacial Clay

“The most amazing healing cream you will ever use. 😉😉😉” P Roberts
🟢EQUINE SUPER GOO Original Topical Ointment🟢

“Brilliant product. Not just the insect repellent but the entire range. My First Aid Kit contains a tub of each product. A little goes a long way so is great value.”

“Honestly rate the super goo so much! One application practically rid the mud fever on my mare! And healed her leg wound!!” Krystie Marriott

“…..,absolutely the best products on the market 😊” Hayley J Mills

Equine Super Goo ❤️❤️For all of your furry friends needs…. it’s been used on horses (of course) cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, pigs, cats, dogs, koalas….#amazing #versatile #supergoo #EquineSuperGoo.
🐶🐴🐱🍃🍃 #allnatural #crueltyfree #essentialoils

Our Topical

Dec 2022
Christmas is coming up quickly and we have added sample pots for a gift idea. Please contact us if you wish to get a pump or something else added.

We will be launching a human range by the end of next week!! We are super excited about and would love people to tell us what they want too.

Our first product was Equine Super Goo Original Topical which came out in 2019. It was designed to combat Mud Fever/Greasy Heel on our tb, Kerry O’Reilly (he ran in the 2006 Melbourne Cup).