NATURAL Extra Strength Insect Repellent spray 500ml

USD $80.00



500 ml Extra Strength Natural Fly and Insect Lotion for use to repel flies, ticks, bot flies, midges. For purchases of more than one email us for a bulk price

Not available to the UK or USA

Testimonials: “Hi ya, super impressed with the super goo insect repellent I sprayed a decent amount on horses at 10.30 yesturday morning and this morning still no swishing of tails so big 👍 Thank you for making a product that works 👏🏻. The cream version is also awesome but I just love the ease of the spray” V Coory

“The equine insect spray is the bomb. Love love love. Can I order another one please. 😘”Paula F

“This stuff is super good, my demented lot have settled straight away and have sheets off to enjoy the breeze.. only 1 idiot thinks the spray is going to kill him so another pot for me😉” K Day